Success begins
with Showing Up

To maintain high levels of personal fitness, the most important thing is to show up. Every session will be challenging. Every day you have the choice to walk away, or to lace up your trainers and take a step towards a strongeryou.

Are you using your time in the gym efficiently and effectively?

I’m Nizaniel.

Personal Trainer, Coach, Confidant and the face behind Strongeryou Performance Club. I’m passionate about fitness and increasing your confidence.

As an over 15 year professional Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer, I specialise in the optimum way to achieve all fitness goals, which is…


Through the span of my career I have trained people from many walks of life. From field team sports: rugby, cricket, football and hockey; to endurance sports: cycling, triathlons and marathons. In industry: entrepreneurs, CEO’s, lawyers, financiers and even young aspiring personal trainers through my apprenticeship scheme.

Working together we create a plan that is personal, achievable but designed to push you outside of your comfort zone.

I help you to define your success.

My Promise

It is my promise to you that if you follow my advice and trust my guidance, the work we do together will be effective and you will get the results that you want.

Working together we will increase your mobility, flexibility and mental focus. From the moment we commence you are committing to the process, but more importantly you are committing to yourself. I will be teaching you, not just how to work in tandem with my methodology but how to train independently. You won’t just train with me, you’ll learn how to work out without me and that is priceless.

Meet Nizaniel

From the moment I first discovered fitness I was hooked. As a powerlifter in a previous life, I remember the first weight I attempted to lift being too heavy for me and I appreciated the importance of understanding our limits and how we can nurture our personal practice and improve our ability. At that exact moment, I vowed to become the strongest among my peers, so that I could be the one to help people – to educate and empower others to become stronger. And here I am.

Exercise is my therapy, it keeps me focused on my purpose. And my purpose is to empower you


National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM): Level 3 Personal Trainer

UK Strength & Conditioning associate member (all major UK cities)

Fascial Abrasion Technique (one of minority of coaches in Europe)

Fascial Stretch Therapist (one of a minority of coaches in Europe)

Poliquin Level 1 & 2: Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (Copenhagen & Ireland)

Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique (one of a minority of coaches in Europe)



We are proud to have supported the fitness journeys of individuals who have used SYPC to support their commitment to a stronger healthier lifestyle.



Strength Conditioning

"Overall, if you are looking for good results and good information about what you are doing and why you are doing it, SYPC will deliver. The last 3 months have been more than a worthwhile investment in both time and money. Plus it's a good environment, encouraging and has been quite fun to train in a different way."


Charlotte Green

Weight loss and Conditioning

“Been training for a few months now and I can really see the difference... In my first 6 weeks I lost 10% body fat which is crazy! I’m doing exercises I would have avoided at the gym and my strength continues to increase. Thanks SYPC! Definitely wouldn’t have persevered or got this far without your help!.”



Weight loss and Conditioning

“I’ve just started training with Nizaniel, so it’s early days. He is the most competent personal trainer/coach I’ve ever met. He knows what’s not good for you and what is good for you and has such great knowledge in helping to put your posture back to good form, and help your mobility during exercises. Definitely recommend him. Best PT I’ve had."